Unlocking the power of AI for Realtors

Boost your real estate Business with our AI technology and custom solutions. Automate tasks, get more leads, and sell more. Contact Blake Wizard House today.



When your business needs to connect.

Chatbots that provide support, onboarding and training for your customers or employees, Trained on your specific information and requirements.


When your company needs dolor.

Automations that streamline your client delivery process, generate more leads for your business, and manage your leads effectively and efficiently.


When your company needs to tempor.

We create powerful and reliable workflows that seamlessly connect with your sales process and business operations.

Our way

How we do it

Deep Understanding

1. Discovery & Consultation

To help you better, we need to understand your business more deeply. We need to know what are the tasks or processes that are taking up too much of your time, what are the challenges or problems that you are facing, and what are your goals or expectations.

Results-Oriented Solutions

2. Custom Strategy

After understanding your business needs and goals, our team of experts will design a customized AI integration roadmap for you. Our plans cover all the aspects of development and integration, and you only pay a simple monthly fee for our services.

From Art to Science

3. Deployment & Integration

After we receive your confirmation for each solution that we propose on our monthly calls, the development team will commence the process of building and integrating them into your current systems. They will ensure that the solutions are compatible and functional with your existing systems.


Case studies

Why Us

Who we are

We understand the unique needs of realtors and offer customized AI solutions. Our team consists of real estate and AI experts with years of industry knowledge. We stay ahead of the competition with our innovative AI automation tools.

We are the decisive factor behind your success

We help you overcome challenges in Traditional Real Estate Processes:

  • Manual lead tracking and follow-up
  • Limited insights into market trends
  • Time-consuming property showings
  • Difficulty in managing data across platforms
  • Inefficient lead nurturing strategies

We are on our way to Revolutionize Real Estate with AI:

  • Automated lead tracking and follow-up for higher conversion rates
  • Advanced analytics for data-driven decision-making
  • Streamlined CRM integration for seamless data management
  • AI-powered lead nurturing strategies for improved efficiency
Some of

Our clients

some of your


AI automation can streamline your operations, save time, and improve customer engagement and conversion rates.

Yes, our AI technology seamlessly integrates with major CRM platforms for smooth data management.

Absolutely! We offer tailor-made AI solutions to meet the unique needs of your real estate business.

We prioritize data security and implement rigorous measures to protect your sensitive information.

Bleke Wizard House designs AI platforms to naturally blend with your current infrastructure, causing minimal disruption while maximizing the benefits of AI integration.